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Hey there, trailblazers! Ready to start an exciting journey of leadership and success? Passport to Earning (P2E) is a digital learning platform set up to equip youths like you with essential skills required to stand out in the competitive job market. P2E offers free, world-class, certifiable training that’s crucial for kickstarting your career.

Crafted by industry experts, our courses cover a wide range of topics to help you gain theoretical insights and hands-on, in-demand, employable skills crucial in today’s job market. P2E is more than a learning platform; it understands the various aspects of success and offers you diverse paths to employment, entrepreneurship, social impact initiatives, and volunteerism.

Join P2E in the adventure of empowerment – where knowledge transforms into action and every skill you gain launches you towards endless opportunities. Thrive, conquer, and succeed with P2E!

About Us

“Free quality, digital learning for you to become ready for the world of work”

In today’s fast-moving professional world, many youths are being left behind due to a lack of access to relevant skills and opportunities. This not only makes it difficult to find jobs but also hinders the potential for progress. That’s where Passport to Earning steps in – a platform designed to help young go-getters like you, especially girls, get ready for exciting opportunities!

At P2E, You’re not just learning; you’re also connecting with real employment opportunities.

Level up and prepare to shape your future with P2E!

Skills Development Training

Opening up a world of possibilities by providing you with essential skills training with a core focus on sectors like Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hospitality & Tourism, Care Economy, Circular Economy, Digital and Green Skills, Youth Leadership, etc.

Assessment and Certification

Assessing your knowledge and behavioral aspects of learning and providing you with certifications endorsed by employers and Generation Unlimited that enhance the certificate's broader acceptance and endorsement.

Future Opportunities

Offering opportunities in employment, entrepreneurship, and youth volunteerism by preparing you for the workforce through courses tailored to industry demands.


Explore our wide range of courses, carefully curated from the best providers around the world. Whether you’re interested in technology, business, arts, or more, we have a course for you. Each course comes with a brief description to help you choose the right one. Ready to learn?


Looking for a job, internship, or entrepreneurship opportunity? We’ve got you covered. Check out our Opportunities page for the latest openings. Be inspired by success stories from individuals who’ve transformed their lives through our program.


Need more information? Visit our Partnership page for additional information

Contact Us

Need more information? Visit our Resources page for additional learning materials and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. We’re here to support you every step of the way.